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Choies Romper (video)

Just bring some double-sided tape and you're good!

Upon receiving my order, the first thing I noticed about this outfit was the fabric. It wasn't as thin as I thought it would be. The combination of the fabric and the print made me completely comfortable that there was no way you could see through the romper. I even wore pasties that weren't my complexion at all and you couldn't see them!

Another positive about this outfit was that it was so comfortable! Looking at the picture on the website I worried that the outfit might be too revealing and because of that I might be uncomfortable but that wasn't the case. I wore this item almost half the day while walking around our resort 

“...people with bigger boobs may have a more difficult time wearing this romper.”

The only con about this outfit is that people with bigger boobs may have a more difficult time wearing this romper. I'm a 30 DDD and I did have to look down occasionally to make sure everything was in place but, had I worn some double sided tape that wouldn't have been an issue. I opted not to go with tape because I was on a beautiful island in a gorgeous resort and honestly just couldn't be bothered enough to care. This item was definitely one of my favorite outfits for the trip!

If you're interested in getting this outfit here's the link! Choies Chiffon Deep V Neck Floral Playsuit

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