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Pink Wind: Red Bandage Monokini (video)

A great find on Amazon

Sheena by the pool
Field tested during our trip to Punta Cana

This swimsuit was another Amazon find for the Dominican Republic. It was super cute but I worried that my boobs wouldn't allow me to wear it! 

Sheena by the pool

Side note:

So, if you couldn't tell from my earlier post I'm a slim girl with big boobs! I'm a size 2 on the verge of a size 4 but, because of the girls I had usually have to go up a size to accommodate them.

With this swim suit I got a large and it fit rather well! I honestly think I could even do an XL, but only because of the aforementioned girls. I was very comfortable in the swimsuit and my boobs fit just fine, everything was covered. I got some side boob but nothing major. Due to the nature of this monokini, you can't be as carefree as you would in a regular suit. The fabric that covers your boobs isn't spandex, not that I expected it to be but, if you're moving around excessively prepare for a wardrobe malfunction. I tried using double sided tape but it doesn't quite work with this material. 

Another concern I had before purchasing this suit were the bottoms. They were a little bit cheeky compared to what I normally buy but, like I said before the swimsuit was so cute I decided to risk it. The bottoms fit me perfectly and it doesn't ride up.

Overall I'm really happy with this purchase. If this monokini is your style then you should definitely buy it! However, this suit is definitely one of those swimsuits that do better poolside than in the water. 

Find this monokini here!

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