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Scochin Tequila Tasting in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

After booking this trip to Mexico one of the main things I wanted to do was a Tequila tasting. I saw several of them on YouTube and thought, "That looks so fun! I want to learn about Tequila." (Especially since an acquaintance told me about Mezcal. ) I enjoy the occasional drink and I wanted the opportunity to learn about the alcohol instead of just choosing blindly, which is what I normally do.

I started doing my research. I found a lot of tastings but they weren't the price or the set up I wanted. A lot of them were tastings with dinner so you could see how different foods effected the taste of the alcohol. With others, you could actually go to a Tequila factory, get a tour and then taste but, I didn't want to plan too far ahead.

On this particular trip I was staying at 3 different hotels in 3 different cities and I really didn't want to be bothered with fitting in the logistics of a tour as well. Also, my husband and I are very go with the flow when it comes to vacations and too much planning makes the vacay feel like work. We like to stumble upon our adventures which is exactly what happened with Scochin. While in Isla Mujeres, destination number 2, we were walking down the street when we got one of many offers to try some Tequila. This time we acquiesced.

Sheena and Raul inside Tequila store
Sheena and Raul in Escochin on Isla Mujeres

Scochin (pronounced es-ko-cheen) is one of the larger shops in Isla and it's right by the ferry port. There's a statue outside to greet you and when you walk in you immediately see bottles of Tequila lining the walls. Behind the Tequila they sell Cuban cigars and across from the Tequila, is a little jewelry shop and your standard souvenirs. When we got inside I immediately noticed two cylindrical coolers filled with ice and Tequila bottles. I knew I had come to the right place!

Y'all . . . I've never had better Tequila in my life!!!

When I entered the store Raul was there to greet me. (The staff in there are really friendly, cool people!) He immediately showed us their selection and asked what we'd like to try. The first two I tried were Adictivo and Urzua, both were extra anejo. Y'all . . . I've never had better Tequila in my life!!! You can actually get Adictivo in the U.S. but not Urzua.

I then asked him about the difference between Mezcal and Tequila. (I tried to clarify this in the video because Raul doesn't project.) Technically, Mezcal is a Tequila. It's just how they're made that makes them different. Tequila is made from only the blue agave plant while Mezcal can be made from different varieties of agave plant. When making Mezcal, the agave is baked in a clay pot underground for 2-3 days. This creates the signature smokey flavor. (Side note: while tasting the Mezcal Raul offered me salt to enhance the flavor. Looking over

my footage while back home I decided to run the label through Google Translate. To my dismay, I discovered what the bottle actually was. Sal de Chile con Gusano de Maguey.

Translation: chili salt with maguey worm. Apparently they roast the worm (from the Mezcal bottle and agave plants) grind it up and add it to the salt. You can imagine my horror! That said, it was still good!

Fun Fact: I actually had my Tequila tasting the day before I recorded it. Raul was so good with answering my questions and educating me on the different brands. When I left I had an epiphany. "Sheena, that was your Tequila tasting!" So the next morning we went back and asked them if we could do it all again on camera! Oh, and the best place to do a Tequila tasting . . . at a liquor store. Just look for a guy offering shots.

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