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Venus: Multiway One Piece (video)

Cute, versatile, and that price!

This blog post is going to be rather short because my logline says it all. I found out about through a co-worker. She really put me on with this recommendation. I had been all over the Victoria's Secret website and for the second year in a row couldn't find anything that I liked! Not to mention they don't sell clothes anymore!!! So I was very happy to find out that Venus no only sells swimsuits but clothing too! I'll be buying from them again, but back to this monokini.

“You can style it 3 different ways and it looks like a whole new suit.”


I love the versatility of this swimsuit. You can style it 3 different ways and it looks like a whole new suit. Also, there's optional jewelry you can buy for it to give it a little extra bling. And that price! This monokini was on sale for $22!!! I almost couldn't believe it was both cute and extremely kind to my pockets. 

When I found this swimsuit it was Sunday and I was leaving for the Dominican Republic Thursday morning. Luckily for me they offered next day and 2 day shipping so I got my swimsuit Wednesday just in time for my trip! If you like this swimsuit, you can check out the link below. 

Find this swimsuit here.

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